“Turning numerical data into meaningful insights…

The model provided by Aweho centers human expertise at the core of our value proposition:

  • Through the time savings enabled by digital tools, we’re able to allocate more time to value-added tasks such as analysis and identifying risks and opportunities
  • With the data processing capabilities of our tools, real-time access to information, and seamless information sharing, we provide extensive support and guidance

Consulting is not an additional service, but rather an approach integrated into every stage and aspect of our interventions.

At Aweho, our teams guide you through organizational redesign, support digital transition, formalize processes, secure assets, analyze business performance, manage and oversee internal processes, and establish dashboards. It’s about delineating the framework for a new organization, a new management style, a new offering, all subject to ongoing adaptation…

In the healthcare sector, automation and digitalization provide significant support to physicians in formulating more accurate diagnoses.
Technology allows for less time spent on tasks that computers can handle, freeing up more time for typically human tasks such as understanding symptoms, making diagnoses, defining treatment plans, and providing empathy and support. Human input enhances the reliability of the tool and brings intelligence and context to it.

Aweho’s solution is based on the same principle: freeing you from administrative and accounting tasks, streamlining the tedious process of collecting financial data, and offering easy access to analysis because information is instantly available and cost-effective. With these solutions, multiple data entries, often prone to errors, are reduced, allowing for aggregation:

  • accounting information,
  • data on business partners,
  • data on your clients and your sales,
  • real-time stock updating upon order entry.

The Aweho team sets up dashboards, accessible from anywhere, at any time, enriching your analysis and proving beneficial to your operations, featuring:

  • alerts on customer credit,
  • the ability to conduct targeted follow-ups,
  • the reflective work on collection period,
  • the analysis of margins by products or by client.

We aim to enhance the performance of your business:

  • Collaborating with the Aweho team to implement a management information system, along with tools and expertise, to enhance the efficiency of information flows and processes.
  • Providing you with an updated view of your business activities and granting access to key indicators and dashboards essential for steering your company.
  • Making sense of your data and generating intelligence by combining our experiences.
  • Providing decision support to help you achieve your objectives and facilitate your development.

« We waste so much time and energy consulting so many people when we set up a business, when our chartered accountant knows us and has all the information we need to advise us. »

Créateur d’entreprise

« We have both structures and a strategy to put in place in our early years, which is why we chose a solid, experienced firm. »


Aweho has chosen an open technology approach and is able to integrate tools at every stage of your organization.

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