Smart choices
and informed decisions

Choosing Aweho to accompany and advise you means choosing an experienced partner who puts their expertise at your service to answer your questions and assist you in decision-making during the pre-creation and creation phases of your business.

We intervene to:

Providing and implementing an innovative and efficient management solution. Our solution combines the provision of management tools on a digital platform with the support of our teams, intervening either fully or partially according to your organization.

  • A fully cloud-based digital management platform
    • To manage your clients from prospecting to payment, integrating CRM, quotes, invoicing, customer accounting, and supplier accounting
    • A payroll management solution.
    • An accessible solution from anywhere, 24/7.
    • A quick and non-intrusive installation.
  • Automated flow management: less data entry, increased efficiency, and reliability.
  • Implementation of procedures to secure flows (invoicing, payment, etc.).
  • Dashboards for an up-to-date and comprehensive view of your activity to help you steer your business.

Our multidisciplinary team brings together all the required skills to secure and cover your risks in accounting, social, tax, and compliance matters (VAT, corporate tax, etc.)

Securing the management of your legal obligations, advising you on possible options in accounting, tax, and social matters during the creation of your company.

  • Statutes, creation formalities, business registration, and publication of legal notices.
  • Ensuring social reliability: tailored employment contracts, simplified payroll management, and benefits.
  • Establishing a realistic and convincing business plan, a reliable forecast ;

Advising and supporting you throughout the process of creating your business and beyond in managing your operations. Our goal: optimizing your management processes to contribute to the development and performance of your company.

  • Getting an overview of the main financial data: which relevant data to choose? What actions to implement to reduce a risk or seize an opportunity?
  • Establishing real-time management indicators for your business to track.