A team of professionals who are committed to transforming their profession to provide greater customer satisfaction.


A team with multidisciplinary expertise to support you in the diversity of your needs.

Aweho brings together a team with multidisciplinary skills: accounting, taxation, legal, payroll, social, evaluation, financial management, and organizational skills. Depending on the nature of your project, we have the ability to mobilize and combine these expertise to provide a relevant and effective solution to your challenges. With advanced degrees, Aweho’s team members all have experience in accounting firms and have undergone extensive training in their respective specialties.

Common vision

A team united around a common vision of their profession

Aware of new technologies and convinced that digital tools offer an opportunity to practice their profession differently, they have all chosen to join Aweho to offer clients a new experience, a new mode of collaboration and exchange.
Our goal: to facilitate the management of your business on a daily basis, generate value with a comprehensive and dynamic view of your key indicators to help you steer your company and secure your decision-making.


A communicative team focused on understanding your needs

New technologies offer us the opportunity to be closer, more available, and more responsive to our clients. Emails, chat, web conferences, Skype… the Aweho team uses all these tools to offer you dynamic and communicative collaboration.
We access the same information in real time, share the same data and dashboards to facilitate our exchanges. Better communication means better understanding your needs and better supporting you.

Christophe Rouault

Chartered accountant and statutory auditor

Christophe Rouault is a highly skilled technician with over 20 years of experience in accounting firms, specializing in accounting expertise and advising business leaders. Throughout his career, he has distinguished himself through his interest in innovative tools and information systems, as well as his client-oriented approach focused on growth and development. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Christophe offers his clients a unique experience based on quality collaboration and expertise to achieve their goals.
It is precisely this mindset and approach that motivated Christophe to dedicated himself in Aweho.

Shared workspace, simple and accessible online management solution and tools, a qualified and flexible team.

With Aweho, you choose a high-value management and advisory solution to make the right decisions. Discover a new way of working with your accountant, based on collaboration and information sharing with a multidisciplinary team of professionals available to listen to you.