Monitoring and sharing of information relevant to your profession.

On one hand, technology now enables businesses access to a massive flow of data, and on the other hand, companies cannot ignore the economic environment in which they operate and belong. The ability to cross-reference data and leverage relevant information, to have the right information at the right time, can make all the difference.

Aweho supports and alerts you to convert this data into genuine economic wealth.

The support areas provided by Aweho

Aweho provides online tools for establishing an economic intelligence base:

  • Economic monitoring and intelligence: acquiring relevant information to master your environment with ;
    • Newsletters
    • Industry newsletters, news
    • Simultaneous information sharing
  • “Protecting informational assets: safeguarding your secrets;
  • Aide à la décision avec l’analyse de l’environnement macro et micro-économique, l’identification des enjeux économiques, juridiques et financiers ;
  • Influence: propagating information or modes of behavior and interpretation that promote your strategy.

« We waste so much time and energy consulting so many people when we set up a business, when our chartered accountant knows us and has all the information we need to advise us. »

Créateur d’entreprise

« We have both structures and a strategy to put in place in our early years, which is why we chose a solid, experienced firm. »