Aweho is a next-generation accounting firm that supports entrepreneurs and executives, today and tomorrow.

Aweho provides all the expertise of a traditional firm while integrating digital technology at the core of our relationship and exchanges.

Attentive experts

Aweho is a team of professionals, including accountants, payroll managers, legal experts, tax specialists, and financial consultants, who have a fresh perspective on their profession today. They believe that in addition to their technical expertise, they can offer you a new mode of collaboration and communication, focused on support, meaningful engagement, and predictive insights.

A digital solution for managing and steering

Aweho is a digital management solution, online for simple and efficient management of your business. Aweho relies on the data processing capabilities provided by its new tools, its industry expertise, and experience to make sense of your numbers and financial information, and derive useful insights for steering your business and making decisions.

Aweho’s approach leverages new technologies to simplify procedures and make management and steering tools accessible.

In all our areas of expertise, including accounting, payroll, taxation, and legal matters, Aweho’s offering adapts and is defined in relation to your needs and organization. It is structured on 3 levels:


Data entry assistance, Creation of customized dashboards

Save time and increase efficiency

Aweho recommends various tools that eliminate redundant data entry for expense reports, purchases, sales, banking, inventory, etc. Each module communicates with the others to enhance efficiency: saving time and increasing reliability. All your data is displayed on simple, clear, and reliable dashboards that are automatically updated and accessible from your tablet, smartphone, and computer.

Communication is streamlined with your accountant and between your team and ours: sharing the same information and engaging in multiple forms of communication (phone, video conference, email, chat).


Monitoring, Alerts,
Adherence to schedules

Enhance your security

As a member of the Order of Chartered Accountants, our support adheres to current regulations, training requirements, and ethical standards. Aweho’s approach is rooted in proactive advisory services, whether in the production of numerical data, compliance with legal obligations, guidance and advice, or legal and social matters.


Decision support

Save time and increase efficiency

You define the level of service desired and we build the solution together: tools, indicators, Aweho’s level of involvement. Dashboards tailored to your business and expectations, accessible simultaneously by yourself and Aweho’s teams, contribute to thorough analysis and prompt actions and solutions. This collaborative management solution enables the development of value-added collaboration by sharing a common and cross-sectional vision:
• Evaluations on numerous topics
• In-depth analyses
• Implementation of suitable processes and organization
• Implementation of key indicators
• Financial performance

We can be much more than just guardians of your figures. We are committed to your success.

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