Monitoring your
company’s competitiveness

Faced with the abundance of new, innovative and highly responsive technologies on offer, Aweho helps you reconsider your processes and organization.

How can you improve your company’s business processes? It’s important to be cautious about the processes you choose. If the process doesn’t have a direct impact on the company’s revenue, or if it isn’t standardized throughout the company, all your efforts may be in vain. You need to understand all process-related activities within your organization:

  • how information and data flow through the company,
  • how data is transmitted to the various business users,
  • how it is used by each individual to fulfill his or her part of the process.

A cloud-based accounting system offers many advantages, including constant updating.

Financial managers possess crucial information that can strongly influence your company’s business strategy. But you’re struggling with traditional, time-consuming reporting methods.
As a result, financial managers simply transmit information rather than analyze and discuss it. It’s up to you to put the right tools in place to change this situation. And if your company’s existing accounting systems are not regularly updated by the supplier to cope with changes in regulations, it’s time to think about a change. The new financial year is a clean point to switch to a new system. A cloud-based accounting system offers many advantages, including constant updating.

Depending on your needs, Aweho’s teams can intervene to :

  • migration assistance
  • implementation of procedures,
  • acceptance testing,
  • choice of tools and system,
  • support for in-house teams: for example, helping an accountant set her daily priorities for the smooth integration of data into the system
  • mobility management

Aweho’s solution offers the advantage of being ready for use immediately, as it is already parameterized, so the process is predefined and installation is neither costly nor complicated.

  • Easy maintenance: remote intervention to assist and “drive” users
  • Automatic data backup
  • Server storage
  • Hotline for all technical, analysis and procedural questions
  • Easy administration with access management on the platform, enabling users to help each other without interfering in their business.

As far as security is concerned, no one has access to your administrative data except designated personnel. All data is encrypted as it is saved, and even emergency back-ups are carried out fully automatically.
However, if the predefined configuration proves to be inadequate for your organization’s specific needs, Aweho can take care of the configuration and data migration on a case-by-case basis, according to the procedures established in advance.

« We waste so much time and energy consulting so many people when we set up a business, when our chartered accountant knows us and has all the information we need to advise us. »

Créateur d’entreprise

« We have both structures and a strategy to put in place in our early years, which is why we chose a solid, experienced firm. »


Aweho supports you to ensure competitiveness by ensuring alignment between your company’s business model and its external environment.

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